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Why Not? Interviews with your BGA Candidates

Hello, from the abyss I call work! For those of you that still happen to read this website, thanks for sticking with us. Fun and great thins are happening in Seattle and I’d much rather be on the ground working and meeting people than posting my thoughts online. It’s that time of year to be […]

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Barista Series: Tilting the Balance

Before I get too much into the discussion I want to state my background and briefly touch on my goals for the Barista profession. Being a Barista, in this case a “B” because I’m referring to the highest level of the profession, is far more multifaceted than being able to make coffee. To be honest, […]

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Barista Series: A Holistic Craft

Although all of us here at Why Not? Coffee have held some sort of elevated position, whether it be Director of Training, Barista Trainer, Consultant, Director of Coffee or head of Research and Development programs; we are first and foremost coffee servers, preparers and specialists- Baristas, if you will. The title, Barista, is a flag […]

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