It’s 7 am- Why am I awake.

Currently: At SeaTac airprot

It’s 7 am and I am awake.

Correction, I never went to sleep. But I’m off to Texas! Houston to be more specific. This year I’ll be the lone blogger from Why Not at USBC. In past years I’ve had a massive “FAIL” blanket cast over my ability to blog from the United States Barista Championship. BUT NOT THIS YEAR- I will not let you down. Since I’ve managed to work more and blog less, I’m going to tappy tappy on this keyboard of mine for the next week until either a) all of my keys fall off- which I’m already missing two so you’re off to a good start or b) My actual fingers fall off.

Here’s the plan: Randomly during the day, and possibly multiple times a day, I’ll give a quick recap of what all is going on at the conference/barista competition. I’ll be judging again this year and nothing I write during the next few days will be the opions of the SCAA and the views expressed do not necessarily represent any of the companies I work for.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way; I’m currently sitting in the US Airways terminal (A2 if you were wondering) drinking a 12 oz errr…. Tall Caffe Latte, 2 sugars, and a swirl of cinnamon on top from you know who. Meanwhile, I have an entire bag full of Stumptown coffee that’s making me more excited than a 12 year old in Sex Ed. There’s just something wrong with that picture. I haven’t had 2 days off in a row for over 5 months, judging at Northwest Regionals doesn’t count.


There’s some fun things that I’ll hopefully have time to cover in Houston mainly being Xcelsius and La Marzocco’s new baskets. I don’t think I’d be able to do either of those justice at the moment, but if you want to read about the devlopment of the baskets then you should find the newest Barista Magazine at your city’s best coffee shop and read that shit- or just subscribe and it will magically appear in your mailbox- like eggs from the Easter Bunny or presents from Santa.

The most important thing to me this year is going to be the Barista Guild of America meeting. I was teetering back and forth up until the last hour on whether or not I wanted to submit myname for Executive Council this year for the BGA, and with 15 minutes to spare I decided to go for it. Didn’t make it this year, but depending on how this next year goes I’ll possibly try again next year. I’ve had my, ahem, “words” about the BGA in the past and although I do stand by them, I’m anxious to see this well-intended organization to become what it can be. I’ll be live- “tweeting” and blogging a recap from the Barista Guild of America Annual Meeting on Sunday, May 1st. Follow me on Twitter at @Barista_Alex for live updates (and random shennanigans) over the next week.

Until then, I’m going to sit awkwardly in this somewhat ergonomic bench and act like I’m sleeping so that this 6 year old jacked up on juice and candy will leave me alone.

This is going to be a fun and interesting week- Stay Tuned!



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