Let’s play catch up, shall we?

While I’ve been working away the weekends, I’ve also been running around with more thoughts running through my head than ever.

Sometime late in October or early November I started working at a craft cocktail bar that doubles as a glorified dive bar. The truth of the matter is that this place offers a moment of clarity of what I want to see developed in the industry. I’ve spent most of my time at said bar pouring a mean water and spit shining dishes; a lot of it is also spent observing the atmosphere and culture of working a bar and comparing it to that of the barista and coffee bar world. It’s no secret that many of us that love coffee are also engorged in the imbibe culture and the cult of mixology.

Over the past few months I’ve racked my brain numerous times trying to figure out a great analogy to help me describe my craft and profession to some of the best bartenders and mixologist in the city; and turns out, it can’t be done. While there are similarities in the world of the culinary arts and service including the profession of being a chef, bartender and server- there isn’t a way to compare jobs because they require different skill sets and training. My perspective is that the profession of being a barista is the same as that of a bartender or server; it can be one of the easiest jobs you ever have and will pay your way through college or it can be a more difficult profession that you build a career in.

The best analogy to compare the professions?

Is not to care about how you compare the professions and just represent the craft.


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