“Cupping” app debuts on iTunes

From the SCAA’s 10th Annual Roaster’s Guild Retreat at Skamania Lodge in Stevenson, WA:


I’ve heard many aspirations from people swearing they were going to create a cupping app and to be honest, it was one of the thoughts that crossed my mind before buying my iPad.

The app is simply called, “Cupping.” Plain and simple, just like the interface; although we’ve heard there are many exciting updates to come in the future. I had heard bits and pieces of conversations while being on bar at the Espresso Annex this weekend at the Roasters Guild Retreat, but I figured it was just roasters brainstorming on what they’d want to see out of it. But it actually does exist. Although it’s not the first of it’s kind, it is the only cupping application for the iPhone/iPod/iPad on the market. The application debuted on Friday, just in-time for the start of the 10th Annual Roasters Guild Retreat. Early adopters can purchase the application for $2.99, and I strongly recommend it. Although the interface is nothing fancy to look at, it’s a friggin’ cupping app! It’s straight forward and easy to use.

Why Not? Coffee had a chance to sit-down with co-developer John Cunningham of Topeca Coffee and learn about the true existence of the app.

The application utilizes pretty standard categories much like the SCAA cupping form; including: Roast level, Fragrance (both dry and after break), Acidity intensity, Body level, Flavor, Sweetness, Clean Cup, Balance, Uniformity, Aftertaste, Overall, and Defects. The user is able to rate the coffee categories accordingly using a sliding scale that will automatically adjust the overall score of the coffee. (See screenshots at the end of this post.) Although you can’t share a database with colleagues, you CAN e-mail your notes and score through the application. As I sat with John fantasizing about what the application could do for the industry and what ideas could spring out of it’s creation, the implications got pretty exciting. As for now, imagine a roaster receiving a new crop to be debuted to it’s retail and wholesale customers; now imagine being able to e-mail all of the cupping notes from that specific session to baristas, clients, and customers; this means an entirely new way to share information within a company re: coffee quality and quality control.

Why Not? Coffee is going to demo it for the next week and we’ll have a fresh review of the app, (and some of our backlogged reviews,) posted at the end of the week with a more detailed review.

Until then, download it yourself. From what we’ve seen so far, this application is the cat’s pajamas.

Location:Skamania Lodge Rd,Stevenson,United States


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One Comment on ““Cupping” app debuts on iTunes”

  1. 08/23/2010 at 8:46 am #

    This is a great app especially for people who are new to brewing coffee or people who like to try different types of coffee. Hopefully this will help prevent the brewing of an undesirable cup of Joe.

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