A ‘Sprodown is in the Works!

An abbreviation of espresso. Coined in 2001 by Chris Baca. Typically used by Baristas when referring to espresso or drinks with espresso as the primary ingredient. Mochas or other highly sweetened beverages, such as a blended drink with a candy bar name are not included when using the term spro.
1) “Your spro has mad crema today!”

2) Barista: “What can I get for you today?”
Espresso Geek: “I was going to get some drip but since you’re slingingspro today, I’ll take a macchiato!”

3) “Let’s go to Ritual and get some spro. I’m beat.”

So what the fuck is a Sprodown?

Espresso + Throwdown = Sprodown.

Much like a Latte Art Throwdown shows off the milk frothing, latte-slinging, gitty-gettin’ skills of how to pour something pretty, a Sprodown highlights a roaster’s craftsmanship, while showcasing a barista’s skills and overall drink quality. The purpose? For consumers and industry professionals alike to experience the vast breadth and variety of high-quality specialty-caliber coffees used around the Pacific Northwest.

For Sponsorship Inquiries, Event Planning and Press Releases, contact Alex Negranza

Updates will be posted on the ‘Sprodown page under the Events tab.


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