Porchlight: 1515 14th Ave (Cap Hill)

Porchlight Coffee- http://www.porchlightcoffee.wordpress.com

I haven’t been into Porchlight for some time now, but now that I’m sitting here in the sun, drinking an espresso of Herkimer Coffee; I don’t know what’s taken me so long to come back.

This cafe is an Emerald City gem that anyone would enjoy. It’s in the middle of Cap Hill and in a nice area if you feel like going on a walk or just going out to enjoy the day. Located between Pike and Pine on 14th St, Porchlight Coffee is one of the more recent newcomers to the Seattle coffee community. The shop opened in June 2009 and is owned and operated by Zack. The quaint cafe serves Herkimer Coffee (also featured on the Disloyalty Card) and offers a wide variety of tasty baked goods from Mighty-O donuts, Macrina bakery, Zatz bagels, and those damn cute pies and cupcakes from Mini-Empire Bakery.

When you find yourself at this coffee bar, I strongly recommend getting an espresso. The double espresso I ordered was great. It was so tasty that I quickly found myself distracted from what I was really suppose to be doing, working. The espresso was $3, (that includes the tip, ALWAYS TIP YOUR BARISTA.) Something small that I really appreciated was that the espresso price on the menu had tax included. Menu said $2, I paid $2; although I would’ve paid more for that wonderful shot. The only whole bean coffee I saw for sale was a ‘Drip Blend’ from Herkimer, and I tend to avoid generic blends and brews for various reasons.

The coffee bar also serves beer and sells vinyl in-store! I took a chance to wander through the music selection and pondered picking up some vinyl, but ended up deciding against it in the long run. Porchlight features a single brown leather couch juxtaposed against the store-front windows and outside seating. The skylight in the cafe really opens up the place and allows one to easily get lost in the easy going environment. All too often I find myself sitting down and immediately realizing the environment is just too much. Naturally, porchlight-esque lights hang from the ceiling adding to the theme of being able to just sit back and enjoy. The cafe has enough seating for about 15 people, plus some outdoor seating.

Porchlight Coffee & Art is open from 7 am to 6 pm, Monday through Friday.

You can follow Porchlight Coffee & Art on Twitter, @PorchlightSEA

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