Aster Coffee Lounge: 5615 24th Ave NW ( Ballard)

When I first moved to Seattle, Aster had just opened up a couple weeks before. I stopped by every once in a while on my way home after a bar shift and would get a much needed pick me up before going to my 2nd job. At first I was disappointed by some of the shots I had…

Things are different now.

Aster Coffee Lounge, located a short walk away from Equal Exchange in Ballard, has shaped up to be one of the finer coffee bars in Seattle. Proudly serving Intelligentsia Coffee, the only one’s doing them justice in Seattle, as well as private labeled coffee from Novo and starting tomorrow, Stumptown! Looks like Seattle is finally getting a coffee bar focused on constantly serving good coffee. Aster hopes to add a guest espresso program after getting another grinder sometime in the future. I’m terribly excited to see what this brings. Thus far, apparently, it’s brought Stumptown Coffee on board. Current coffee offerings are:

Intelligentsia Coffee:
Black Cat Classic Espresso (DT)
Decaf Black Cat Espresso (DT)
Burundi- Ikirezi, Kirundo Muyinga (DT)

Novo Coffee:
Amaro Espresso
Aceh 19- Sumatra

Stumptown Coffee:
Ecuador Quilanga Reserva (DT, Organic)
Indonesia Sulawesi Toarco

I ordered a cup of the Ikirezi, Burundi: Kirundo Muyinga prepared on the Clover. The Burundi coffee was complex and crisp with notes of green apple, citrus zest and hints of orange that lead to a wild honey finish. I managed to snap my partner-in-crime, Sam Lewontin, who ordered a straight shot of Intelligentsia’s Black Cat. To quote Sam, “Sweet, clean, toasted hazelnut, caramel,…exactly what one would want out of Black Cat.” I didn’t snag a sip of the espresso, but from his reaction you could even go as far as saying it was a superb shot.

If you’re going to Aster Coffee Lounge for the first time, they recommend trying the Natural Ethiopia Amarao Gayo prepared on the Clover; although the Black Cat is also unique to this cafe. You can get coffee almost anywhere in Seattle, but you can only get Clover coffees from Aster and Trabant, both featured on the Seattle Disloyalty Card.

Aster is opened from 6am to 10pm Monday through Thursday, 6am to 11pm on Fridays, 7am to 11pm on Saturday and 7am to 9pm on Sundays.

Aster Coffee also offers a wide selection of various cafe essentials including pastries, waffles, beer, wine, and everything you might need to brew at home.(Also, some sweet Aster branded growlers for you beer fans.)



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One Comment on “Aster Coffee Lounge: 5615 24th Ave NW ( Ballard)”

  1. sanford c bledsoe iii
    05/15/2010 at 12:45 pm #

    I really love Aster. I was in Seattle this past fall and I had a cup of the Nicaragua Los Delirios (I wish Intelli did a better job of just using farm names instead of their own generic origin names) that was a game changer. I think of this cup whenever someone tries to tell me about the inferiority of Clovers. One of my top 3 most memorable coffee experiences. I will remember that cup for a long long time.

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