Friday Already? More Research is Needed…

Called in sick to work today. No bueno. Fish Tacos from a taco truck with a “vegetarian”…. what was I thinking?!


Another package from Ritual came in the mail yesterday. Can’t wait to get to the shop tomorrow to test them out. One of the coffees was from Finca Vista Hermosa. When I had first working at Wanderlust Coffee Co. (May 2007, see blog waaay down yonder)…one of the first coffees I fell in love with was from Ritual, and oddly enough, also from F.V.H. Later when I was able to meet Edwin via roadtrip with Trabant Coffee & Chai in Seattle, I was so excited to connect with a producer finally. To know what I know now and to be tasting this coffee again is going to seriously rock my world. 

I’ve also been wanting to get into research lately. I need a moleskin for all of these ideas I’m getting. I want to find research on decaffeinated coffee consumers and the psychological aspects of caffeinism. I feel most coffee consumers out of the specialty industry are ordering drinks that they’ve “mentally built” to taste well but they have no idea what they’re actually ordering. It’s a complete guess. I’m referencing my first time drinking coffees. Drip coffee? Americano? Latte? Cappa-qua? I just felt around looking for something that I craved. The way that the coffeehouses around my town had interpreted coffee in a specialty way was slim to none.  I eventually found my way into a cafe that was specialty coffee and it was all uphill from there. But I was only able to appreciate drinks as I was shown the beautiful aspects in a private training. So how do our everyday consumers adjust caffeine intake and where does decaffeinated coffees step in? Can anyone guide me in the right direction?



Apparently I have a meeting on Monday. And I thought it would be my day off…



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